2008 Senior Development Camp

"Rowing at CRC was a very important experience for me as a future National Team athlete. I found the CRC summer experience to be a great way to prepare for a National Team camp environment. The team has very clear ideas of goals and expectations and pushes to produce the best results possible. CRC certainly opened my eyes to speed that I did not know I had when I rowed there in the summers of 2000 & 2001. CRC is a great program and can help dedicated athletes improve and attain success.."


Ashley Brzozowicz
- 2001 CRC National Champion Senior 4+ (two seat)
- 2006 Canadian Senior World Championships 8+ (stroke)
- 2007 Canadian Senior World Championships 8+

"Rowing with CRC helped me technically and physically. CRC provides a very successful, very competitive, team environment. Practices are tough but efficient, and maximize your time on the water."

  Libby (Rockwood) Scarlatos
- 2000 USA Senior World Championships 4- (two seat)
- 2001 USA Senior World Championships 4- (stroke)
- 2004 CRC National Champion Master 4+ (two seat)

"The summer after her freshman year, Ashley Brzozowicz rowed at CRC and came back to Yale a better athlete.  Ashley was more fit, was rowing technically better, and gained great racing experience.  Her time spent at CRC helped me as her college coach because I suddenly had an athlete that was much improved over the summer when most college athletes are slacking off!  Not only was she better but she opened the gap on her competitors around the league."

  Will Porter
- Head Coach, Yale Women's Crew
- 2007 NCAA Varsity 8+ Champions


  • To allow athletes to gain experience in a selection camp environment.

  • To enable athletes to maximize their summer development as quickly and effectively as possible.

  • To provide an opportunity for top athletes to participate in, and contribute to, an extremely successful summer racing program (six National Championships and twelve other Nationals medal-winning boats in the past seven years; top boats 72-1 in regional regattas over the past six years).

  • To bring top athletes not yet noticed by USRowing and the National Team program to the attention of USRowing and the National Team program

  • Dates:

    • Program begins Saturday, June 7.

    • Program ends Sunday, July 20 (except for athletes attending Canadian Henley).

    • Athletes interested in beginning earlier, and athletes interested in staying longer, may row with CRC’s year-round athletes, and receive full-time coaching, both before the Development Camp begins and after the Development Camp ends.



  • The Chicago Rowing Center site on Fay’s Point in Blue Island, IL, just across the Cal-Sag Channel (the body of water on which CRC trains) from the southern border of Chicago, and 20 minutes from downtown Chicago.  CRC is 2 minutes from I-57, and 3 minutes from the Metra commuter rail line.  The Cal-Sag Channel is the site of CRC’s fall race for Division I universities.  The portion of the Channel used by CRC will be a No Wake zone beginning spring 2008.

  • Regattas:

  • Gateway Regatta, St. Louis, MO -- Saturday, June 28

  • Grand Regatta, Grand Rapids, MI -- Saturday, July 5

  • Chicago Sprints, Chicago, IL -- Saturday, July 12 and Sunday, July 13

  • USRowing National Club Championships, Camden County, NJ -- Wednesday, July 16 through Sunday, July 20

  • USRowing National Championships, West Windor, NJ -- Thursday, June 26 through Saturday, June 29 (tentative)

  • Royal Canadian Henley Regatta -- Monday, August 5 through Sunday, August 10 (tentative)

  • Practice Schedule:

  • Monday through Thursday afternoons/evenings

  • Saturday and Sunday mornings

  • Monday through Thursday mornings

  • The rowing schedule will easily accommodate job and internship schedules.

  • Disciplines:

  • Open

  • Lightweight

  • Sweep (2-, 4+, 8+)

  • Sculling (1x, 2x, 4x)

  • Requirements:

  • All rowers are welcome to apply. While it is expected that most, or all, accepted Open applicants will be under 7:20, and most, or all, accepted Lightweight applicants will be under 7:35, with many athletes well under those standards, it is possible that some athletes who have not yet achieved those scores will be invited to participate.

  • All coxswains are welcome to apply. While it is expected that all accepted coxswains will be in the top boat in their college program (Varsity level or Freshman level), it is possible that some coxswains who have not yet made the top boat in their program will be invited to participate.

  • Rowers and coxswains must apply by May 23. Particularly outstanding applicants will be notified of their acceptance immediately. All applicants will be notified of their status by May 26.

  • To receive an application, please e-mail chicagorowingcenter@yahoo.com (specify rower or coxswain).

  • Cost:

    • Rowing: $350

    • Coxing: $175

    • Uniforms: Athletes are responsible for purchasing their own uniform.

    • Travel: Athletes are responsible for paying their own travel costs, but all races other than Nationals and Canadian Henley will be within driving distance.

    • Athletes with financial issues will be accommodated.



    • Free housing will be available for all athletes.


    Jobs and Internships:

    • CRC has many contacts in the community, and help in finding jobs and internships will be available.

    • Camp participants will have the opportunity to fill paid positions in CRC summer Learn-to-Row programs.


    Contact Information:
    Michael O’Gorman
    Head Coach